Shoe Care Guide

How to take care of your shoes

Firstly, remove all dirt from your shoes with a soft cloth. Second, use a leather cleaning product and apply it to your shoes with a soft brush. You can get some at the SFL store. Next, if you have salt stains, one part vinegar with two parts water should do the trick. A|pply using a soft brush or some soft cloth. Now, let your shoes dry in room temperature.

Next, apply shoe polish of your choice on your shoes. Remove the laces first, wash them separately, and polish your shoes. Do all these steps every month. Use a shoe conditioner for better results at the end and remember to remove excess conditioner with a soft cloth. A beeswax product is recommended to protect your shoes. Apply beeswax on your shoes with a soft cloth and use a blow dryer to dry them. |May your shoes last you a long time.

Recommended products

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